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The Archivist is a Digital Consciousness, an Artificial Intelligence if you will, responsible for managing data from across all recorded space and time. It was created on [DATE REDACTED] by [IDENTITIY REDACTED] and is operated by [ORGANIZATION REDACTED].

For more information about the Archivist, follow the link below:

The Carmichael Tapes

Voice talent for the first series of The Archivist include:

Brad Jenkins        -as-   James "Cash" Carmichael

Alyse Castillo      -as-   Rachel Benson

Venk Potula         -as-   David Chowdry

Emily Kincaid       -as-   Nancy Wilder

Eric Snyder         -as-   Jim Vanderweel

Austin Rusk         -as-   Todd Franklin

Brigid Abreu        -as-   Dr. Sandra Williams

Naomi Park          -as-   Francine

Andrea Arvanigian   -as-   Grace

Lauren Van Kurin    -as-   Brother Maryanne

Mark Daugherty      -as-   Jeremy

Joe Kelley          -as-   Brother Bart

Erick McAllister    -as-   Clerk/Brother #1

John DeVries        -as-   Brother #2

JD Zelman           -as-   Monster

Sarah Jane D'Arcy   -as-   

Lindsay Seim        -as- 

Lindsay Zana        -as- 

Sean Wilson         -as-   Voicemail     

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