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We remember.

We remember the time in fourth grade that you sat next to us on the school bus after we threw up and everyone made fun of us.

We remember that dream that felt more real than reality and when we woke up we wept for our quiet loss.

We remember the inequity and betrayal our world has committed.

We remember the quiet smile in the fading light on the faces of those we love.

We remember worlds that have never existed, or existed so long ago they may as well have never existed.

We remember that show from your childhood you forgot until just now. Yeah, that one.

We remember ourselves and our bodies and the lives we inherited and the infinite potential of those lives.

We remember in middle school when you borrowed seven dollars so you could buy lunch and a Fruitopia and you said you'd pay us back and you never did.

We remember Fruitopia.

We remember the gaping wounds in our society. We will not try to walk it off, we will not rub dirt in it and call it good. We will tend to these wounds with the attention and care they deserve, in the hopes that one day we will heal.

We remember that time you locked us in our locker and then drew a mean picture of it.

We remember when you told us we can't.

We remember that art is for everyone and we are committed to making art for everyone.

We remember to listen to voices different than our own with empathy and understanding.

We remember life is complex and nuanced set of experiences.

We remember all feelings are valid, but that doesn't make them true.

We remember that everyone is trying their best.

We remember you.

And we want to know who you've become. 

SMALL CABAL is an art collective created by Jeffrey Chaney and Alyse Castillo and based in Los Angeles, CA.

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